IT IS VERY ESSENTIAL – Murad’s Essential – C Cleanser

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I have blogged about other facial cleansers, but I have used this before and felt the need to share how great this cleanser is.  It cleanses and purifies environmental damaged skin by washing away environmental impurities, and restoring moisture to dehydrated skin.  I have blogged and blogged about my dry skin.  This cleanser really helps, and I have used it for months with great results!

Murad Essential-C Cleanser
I had a friend with oily skin who tried this product and had very good results as well.  After and a few weeks, her skin was flat and there were very few pimples and whiteheads.  Around that “time of the month” she may break out, but after using this product the whiteheads had disappeared.
I find that it does not strip my skin and is moisturizing.  It has made my skin clearer and more bright.  There is a nice citrus smell which I find to be refreshing and calming.  It feels as if I am giving myself a facial everyday.  It removes my makeup, impurities, oil and dirt and makes my skin feel so very silky.  There are no dramatic/magical results, but it does not harm my sensitive skin.  My skin has not looked better.  I would definitely recommend this cleanser as a general cleanser for those with sensitive skin.  It is a great, clean, effective product.
You may purchase Murad’s Essential – C Cleanser for $36.00 at Sephora (; Ulta ( and
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