Dr. Brandt Light Years Away Whitening Cream | Is it worth the price?

Purchased by Me

There are a lot of whitening creams on the market.  Dr. Brandt’s Light Years Away Whitening Cream is one of them.  It is an an intensely moisturizing whitening cream that controls discoloration while promoting a more even skin tone.  This intensely moisturizing whitening cream targets and controls hyperpigmentation, and fades existing discoloration while preventing new dark spots.  It also contains moisturizers like Hyaluronic Acid and botanicals like
Lavender and Honeysuckle Extract to make this a product that encourages
healthier, as well as lighter, skin.

dr. brandt light years away whitening cream

It is recommended that you apply Dr. Brandt Light Years Away Whitening
Cream to your face and neck twice daily, once in the morning and once in
the evening.  It is also recommended that you use a 30 SPF or higher
sunscreen to aid and preserve the lightening effects. 

But does it work?

Some of the advantages of this product is that is was developed by a dermatologist and has some great moisturizers. 
I would not recommend this product to a friend.  It is VERY expensive.   I could barely find any reviews for this product, making that much more difficult to recommend this product.  It has lavender oil which can irritate some people’s skin.  The jar packaging is unsanitary and may cause the active ingredients to oxidize, rendering them ineffective.
You may purchase Dr. Brandt’s Light Years Away Whitening Cream for $110.00 at The Skin Store (www.skinstore.com); Sephora (www.sephora.com) and Derm Store (www.dermstore.com).
  • Chic and Alluring

    I agree with you. I learned awhile back that even if a skincare product has effective ingredients, the jar packaging will cause oxidation soon enough.

    I wouldn't recommend the product to a friend either. If the cream does indeed have ingredients effective enough to lighten the skin, this means that the skin is likely to be more sensitive during that time, and the lavender will probably irritate it.


  • eskbeauty

    Thanks. It looks like an awesome product and I really wanted it to work, but alas it did not.
    Stay away from it.

    Erica K

  • http://reflectionofsanity.blogspot.com/ Shireen

    I agree with you on this too. I personally dislike products in a jar for sanitary reason and whoa, this cream is crazy expensive!

  • eskbeauty

    Shireen…I totally agree. I am in the process of researching products that aid in the lightening of your skin but without putting down a second mortgage.