GET THAT SHEER TRANSFORMATION | OleHENDRIKSEN Sheer Transformation Oil-Free Perfecting Creme

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So everyone knows just how difficult it is to find a good moisturizer.  Lord knows I have tried many products to find “The One.”  Well I was speaking to an employee at Sephora, and she introduced me to OleHENDRIKSEN Sheer Transformation Oil-Free Perfecting Creme.  It repairs skin with vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract.  There was no tingling sensation, just a smooth and light application.

OleHendriksen Sheer Transformation
From first glance this product looks like a typical thick white cream which will clog your pores, but it does not.  The moisturizer is an oil-free, light weight moisturizer as it gently exfoliates and even fades dark spots.  I truly love this stuff.  It feels so silky and amazing going on.  It is my current daytime summer moisturizer.  It has a very light texture and is very hydrating on my dry skin.  It even smoothed out dry, rough patches on my face.  This has a very high concentration of vitamin C, which helps boosts my skin defenses against sun damage.  I wear it under my foundation everyday.  If you have oily skin fear not.  This product will not break you out.  And if you have oily skin that is craving moisturizer, I do recommend this product.  I wish that this product came in a pump, but since it is in a jar, it does allow me to get all of the product out of the container. I also like that it is unscented and not greasy to the touch.
You can purchase this product at Sephora ( $14.00-$58.00 (0.5oz to 2.5oz) and Skinstore ( $40.00 (1.7 oz).
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