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Got a favorite mascara, but it doesn’t come in a waterproof formula or you just plain do not like the waterproof formula?  Well NYX saves the day with its Proof It, Mascara Top Coat.   You simply take this top coat and apply it on top of your favorite mascara and voila!  Instant waterproof mascara.

NYX Waterproof Mascara Top Coat

Everyone knows how humid New Orleans can get during the summer.  All this humidity can make someone’s eye makeup run like crazy.  I apply the NYX Proof It over my favorite mascara (Too Faced’s Better Than Sex) and I have mascara which doesn’t run in the hot, humid weather.  The waterproof gel also works on other mascaras, including fiber mascara.  The NYX Proof It makes your mascara stay on until you take it off.  It has truly helped my mascara from smudging and from running onto my bottom lashes.  For the record, my eyelids are oily.  Therefore, I am always having issues with eye makeup smearing, smudging, running off, etc.  But this product really helps me in the battle of my oily eye lids.  I look glamed up for the night and I do not worry about my mascara running or smudging off.

Now I will say that if you use too much of the Proof It, you may get clumps in your mascara.  Just simply do not use more than two coats and you should be fine.  The Proof It dries your mascara to a matte finish.  You can now let those tears flow at that upcoming wedding.

You may purchase NYX Proof It Waterproof Mascara Top Coat at ULTA, Target and most drug stores at the retail price of $4.19.

OIL FREE SUN PROTECTION FOR SKIN – OleHenriksen Protect the Truth SPF 50+

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Finally, an oil-free sun protection which is lightweight and made for those with normal to oily skin.  You can wear it under makeup or under your daily moisturizer.  This product will help protect your skin from environmental aggressors and UV damage which can cause you to have pre-mature aging. OleHenriksen’s heat and light activated Solar Active Complex is designed to strengthen your skin’s barrier and helps stimulate its natural repair function to help heal pre-existing damage, while increasing your skin’s resistance to damage.

Oil Free Sun Protection For Skin Olehenriksen Protect The Truth SPF 50

On my recent trip to Portland, Oregon I used this product daily.  I am not the type to burn easily, but I am concerned with pre-mature aging.  Protect the Truth is not greasy or sticky. It absorbs into your skin quickly and thoroughly without clogging your pores, and dries to a nice matte finish.  When I use this product with my moisturizer, I let my moisturizer dry first and then apply the sun protection.  It does come out a tiny bit thick, so a little bit goes a long way. And as an added bonus, it has a nice citrus scent and a good price point.  I do not know if it is a waterproof formula.  I looked for information about this, but could not find it.

This is one of the better sun protections I have used.  The consistency is wonderful and it protects my skin all day.  It retails for $35.00 for 1.7oz.  It may be purchased at Sephora, and

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Everyone wants a beautiful, white smile.  But with coffee, soda, smoking, etc. our teeth become dingy.  So how does one whiten teeth without spending $30.00 or more on whitening strips.  Well I did some research and found three inexpensive teeth whitening  tips to get your teeth whiter and brighter.

1) Baking Soda – take a small portion of baking soda and mix with a small amount of water to form a paste.  Next, brush your teeth for one minute and then rinse.Baking Soda For Teeth

2)  Hydrogen Peroxide – make a solution of equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, then rinse your mouth with the solution as if it were mouthwash.  And do not worry, this mixture has been approved by the ADA (American Dental Association).

Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth

3) Coconut Oil – before you brush your teeth, measure a tablespoon of coconut oil and let it soften.  Next, swish and/or push the coconut oil through and around your teeth for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and spit it out.  Finally, rinse with water and brush as usual.

Coconut Oil for Teeth


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Most of us do not have a problem applying mascara to our upper lashes.  But when it comes to our lower lashes, most of us get mascara everywhere BUT our lower lashes.  Thankfully, Clinique has come out with a mascara dedicated to our lower lashes and has even made it simple to apply.  The mascara wand is tiny, making it easy to reach and grab each of your bottom lashes.  An amazing feat no less!

The brush is small, but it is still easy to work with and gives just the right amount of coverage and definition.  My lower lashes look so much more natural compared to using regular mascara on your bottom lashes. The bottle is also a lot smaller than expected but that’s alright.

Clinique Bottom Eye Lash Mascara

For the longest time I could never find a mascara for my bottom lashes which did not smudge on my skin.  But this mascara formula is thin, allowing for little to no clumping.  I wore the product all day long and I had no problems with smudging and smearing.  And with my oily lids, this is very impressive.  I never thought in a million years this would be holy grail for me. This is amazing, I have short lower eye lashes, and this makes them look separated and longer. My eye lashes look thick and amazing.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Swatch

And the best part is the price.  This awesome bottom lash mascara retails for $10.00.  It may be purchased at Macy’s, Sephora and Nordstrom.


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Just because it is summer, it does not mean your lips will not chap.  They can get dry and flaky just like in the winter time.  But with lip scrubs, you can combat this.  There are plenty of lip scrubs on the market, but which one works best?  I am going to take a look at a low end scrub and a high end scrub.  Find out which one will give you the most bang for your buck.

ELF Versus Sara Happ Lip Exfoliator

Let’s start with the high end; Sara Happ in the Almond Creme flavor.  This scrub is in a 1 oz. tub and has been dubbed ‘the one luxe balm.’  One whiff of this lip scrub and you will be hooked.  I found it to have just enough grit to scrub off any dead skin, and it contains just enough moisturizer to keep your lips soft.  Now with this lip scrub you do not necessarily need an extra lip balm after wiping off the scrub.  But out of pure habit, I use a light lip balm, and my lips are always baby soft afterwards.

The next lip scrub falls on the low end; ELF Lip Exfoliator.  This exfoliator is in the shape of a tube of lipstick.  You simply rub the exfoliator back and forth across your lips and wipe with a damp cloth.  Finally, rub some lip balm over your lips.  This exfoliator is good, but not great.  It is not as gritty as the Sara Happ scrub, and you do need to follow up with a lip balm.  But for the price you pay for this lip scrub, it is not too bad.

Now I know it is expensive, but I really like the Sara Happ lip exfoliator.  It has a better flavor and more grit to help my lips be very soft.  It retails for $24.00, and may be purchased at Nordstom and Amazon.  ELF Lip Exfoliator is good if you are on a budget.  It retails for $3.00 and may be purchased at, WalMart and Walgreens.