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As we all know, bronzing and highlighting is all the rage.  Achieving a sun kissed glow allows you to appear as if you have been at the beach all day without actually touching the sand. MAC’s Gleamtone Powder Vibe Tribe is a color block of four shades in one container called Dunes at Dusk. The colors include a white gold, lilac, terracotta and mauve. When you take your brush and combine all four shades together it makes the perfect highlighter combo for my medium tone skin. But if you try to use the colors individually, I found them not to be as pigmented as it is combined together.



MAC describes the product as a bronzer and highlighter. In my opinion, the colors of Dunes at Dusk is the perfect highlighter. It gives a beautiful and soft glow, without it making you look like a shining star. As for the colors working together as a bronzer I think it fails. The colors don’t have enough brown or tan tones to show up as a bronzer.

However, I do like the feel of this compact.  The powder itself feels like silk going on and wears for as long as about a full work day. And as an added bonus, the colors individually in MAC’s Gleamtone Powder Vibe Tribe can be used as eyeshadow. You may have to be heavy handed upon application, as the colors are sheer.

If you are in the market for a pretty highligter, MAC’s Dunes at Dusk is a great choice, just not as a bronzer.

MAC’s Gleamstone Powder Vibe Tribe retails for $33.00.  It may be purchased at MAC Cosmetics, Macy’s and Nordstroms.


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For a long time now, we have been putting on sunscreen, then our makeup and finally a spray to set our makeup.  Now we can do all of this in a spray produced by Supergoop! The Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary helps you to combine all three steps into a couple of sprays.  Not only does the Supergoop spray set your make-up, it helps controls oil and delivers an SPF protection of 50.  The rosemary with a shot of mint refreshes your complexion and delivers a rejuvenating essence.  The Supergoop formula includes a unique makeup-setting ingredient that acts by creating a sheer shield, which dries quickly about five seconds after application. No more wasting time while your product dries.


I always try to protect my face from the the sun.  Who wants pre-mature wrinkles?  When I used the Supergoop I really like the matte finish it gave my face, and I loved the rosemary scent.  I am thrilled that I found this product.  With some sunscreens, you put it on in the morning and it has disappeared by lunch.  Not with this suncreen.  I maintained protection from the sun until after lunch.  It left my face with a matte finish and it dried very fast.  Now I will admit that I experienced a slight stinging sensation when I sprayed it on my face, but it only lasted a few seconds.

This product is not only great in concept, but it is a product which lives up to its promises.  I do recommend this product when you are getting ready for your day.

The Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary retails for $28.00 for 3.4 ounces.  It may be purchased at Sephora, Nordstrom and www.dermstore.com.


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In my makeup drawer I have at least six different shades of pink blushes, so I have the right shade for the look I am aiming for. With Kiko Milano Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush or Blending Wave multi-color blush you will no longer have the need for six or eight or ten pink blushes. The blushes can be used day or night and looks very natural in appearance.  All that you will need is to swipe your brush across the blush onto your cheeks, and you have the perfect shade.  Here are the ones up for review:

Kiko Milano Desert Trio Baked Blush Blending Wave Multi Color Blush

1) Kiko Milano Desert Trio Baked Blush In Impulsive Mauve #3 – This is a baked blush which combines three different shades (plum, pink and mauve) in a single compact that may be used individually or blended together. The formula for the baked blush contains jojoba oil and Vitamin E. The blush is pigmented and lasted on my cheeks for hours. The blush feels soft to the touch, glides on smoothly and is easy to blend for that perfect look.  This blush retails for $18.00.

Kiko Milano Desert Trio Baked Blush Swatch

2) Kiko Milano Blending Wave Multi-Color Blush Inn #2 – This is a two-tone blush comprised of the colors mauve and pink.  Like the Baked Desert Trio, this blush is silky soft, highly pigmented and will last on your cheeks all day.  Also, I found the Blending Wave Multi-Color Blush to be creamy in texture and adjustable in in appearance.  This blush retails for $12.00.

Kiko Milano Blending Wave Multi Color Blush Swatch

These are some fanciful blushes.  Both are pigmented, silky smooth and the colchors are adjustable.  You may purchase these blushes at www.kikocosmetics.com.


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Lately I have been trying Korean skin treatments. Some have been great and some not so great. However, one day while surfing the Internet I came across the TonyMoly I’m Real sheet masks. What is a sheet mask you ask? The average sheet mask is made of microfiber or cotton, but some are made of hydrogel, which looks and feels like jelly. The newer sheet masks are made of biocellulose, which is supposedly better than cotton, better in adhesion and better in the delivery of nutrients. The mask has been soaked in serum and other nutrients. To use, remove the mask from the package, and place the sheet on a clean, dry face. You then leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes and then remove.  If there is any residue left on your face just gently pat in the serum.

It is recommended you use the masks once or twice a week because the masks are so fortified. The masks are also extremely affordable.

I chose to review three different sheet masks so you can get an idea of what the TonyMoly I’m Real sheet masks to offer.

1) I’M REAL TOMATO MASK SHEET RADIANCE – this mask is to make rough skin smooth and radiant.  When I placed the mask on my face it felt very saturated and adhered well.  I experienced a slight tingling sensation at first, but then it went away. When I removed the mask, my skin felt hydrated and looked slightly brighter.


2) I’M REAL SEAWEED MASK SHEET SKIN PURIFYING – this mask is to revitalize and brighten your skin.  This mask was made with ticker cotton material for a more regal experience.  This mask was extremely hydrating with a hint of coolness.  After removing the mask my skin felt less tight.


3) I’M REAL TEA TREE MASK SKIN SOOTHING –  this mask is to get rid of an uneven skin tone. If you are experiencing skin redness or if you get blemishes often, this is mask will work well for you.  This mask is soothing and contains a faint tea tree scent.  After trying this, I noticed the skin on my cheeks and forehead were less red.  My skin also felt well hydrated and nourished.


I am a big fan of sheet masks.  I feel as if they deliver a lot of skin enhancing nutrients in a small amount of time all in one sheet.  I would recommend TonyMoly I’m Real sheet masks as they have sheets of all skin problems.  There are a minority of sheets that are not going to work 100%. But all in all, these sheets do as they promise and help you feel relaxed.

The TonyMoly sheet masks retails for $2.00 to $4.00 individually depending on the store. However, these sheets are also sold in variety packets. They price ranges from $7.50 for a pack of two all the way to $12.00 for a pack of eleven. They sheet masks may be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, Urban Outfitter and www.amazon.com.


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Everyone wants it…..eyelashes which look false but without the hassle of putting on actual false lashes.  With the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara you get that Hollywood look without spending a small fortune.  This little miracle of mascara extends and enhances your lashes to give you a red carpet look.  Now you will look fantastic with two coats, but Charlotte Tilbury is out to show that with three coats those lashes of yours 13x more volume!  With that kind of lash volume, your eyes will pop and it will help frame your face.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

The mascara’s super powers comes from within its brush.  Charlotte Tilbury has even nicknamed the brush “Multi-Bristle Flutter Brush”.  The brush is comprised of bristles of varying lengths, to make sure your lashes are fully covered.  You can have the shortest lashes ever, and this mascara will have you looking phenomenal.  The mascara contains the ingredients such as marine glycogen which helps to stimulate lash growth, tamanu oil which is an oil that nourishes and strengths your lashes, and a mix of waxes that makes for a texture which doesn’t flake off.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara Swatch

Getting that Hollywood look is always a look everyone wants to achieve.  The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes will help you get you on your way to that look.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes retails for $32.00.  The mascara may be purchased at www.charlottetilbury.com, Nordstroms and www.beautylish.com.


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When I was shopping in London, I came across a department store named Selfridges & Company.  It is a beautiful store, comparable to Nordstroms. While in the beauty department I discovered a brand named Suqqu. This brand sells makeup such as eyeshadow, liquid liner, foundation, blush, etc. I purchased eyebrow powder and blush.

1) Cheek & Face Color Palette – this blush is a blend of two colors. One a light pink and the other a medium pink. You can use each color separately or together. I like taking the medium pink and applying it as my base cheek color and then using the light pink as a highlighter. The colors have good pigmentation, the blush is silky smooth and can be applied easily. This blush makes for a great day blush. But if you wanted to use it at night, you may have to build upon the color. It can be purchased online at Selfridges (www.selfridges.com) for $54.00.

Suqqu Cheek Face Color Palette Balancing Eyebrow Powder

2) Balancing Eyebrow Powder – this eyebrow powder is made up of 3 different shades. The first shade is to be used on your brow bone, while the other two shades are to be used to enhance your natural eyebrow color. The palette is made to perfect your expression around the eyebrows. It is difficult to find a brow powder that makes your brows look natural and completes your look. This is one of the better brow powder palettes out on the market.  It may be purchased online at Selfridges (www.selfridges.com) for $46.00.

These are the two outstanding products I found at Selfridges and Company. At Selfridges they do sell products found in the United States. I wanted to try and find something that was hard to find or could not get in the United States. If I ever go to London again, I will visit Selfridges and Company.


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London was wonderful. There were so many sites to see, parks to explore and palaces to view. Not to mention the shopping. I made it to Harrods. About the only thing I was able to afford was a bottle of perfume. Harrods is definitely for the rich and famous. If you are a commoner, I suggest you save up before going there. However, there are plenty of boutiques and markets to purchase makeup, clothes and other goods, which brings me to my next subject. I purchased so many cosmetics, that I have to brake it down into several parts. When I was purchasing cosmetics, I wanted to get things I could not get at home. I came across several brands, so I begin with Part 1.


1.  Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder – I purchased this pressed powder at Boots pharmacy. It was in the color Silk Beige. It gives a matte, silky finish and up to 16 hours of shine control. You simply dab the powder onto your skin concentrating on the t-zone area. This pressed powder is perfect for when you are on the go. It’s great for those with oily skin. A lot of powders give you a cakey look and they dont last long enough. But with this powder it looks natural and your skin stays matte for hours. You may purchase this product at Boots Pharamcy, London £3.99

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder

2.  Seventeen Instant Glow Medium Bronze Bronzing Power – I also purchased this bronzing powder at Boots pharmacy. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this bronzing powder. This bronzer does not have a lot of pigmentation, so you have to use quite a bit of bronzer to get the look you desire. Also, the bronzer has no shimmer to it, but has more of a matte finish. One good thing is that is has a fairly slim container also fits in my small make up bag easily, so you can carry it in your handbag. £4.59

Seventeen Instant Glow Medium Bronze Bronzing Power

Between the two products, my favorite is the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. The Instant Glow Medium Bronze Bronzing Powder does not have a nice finish and has little pigmentation. But the Miracle Matter Pressed Powder does the job I really need.