RADIANCE IN A BOTTLE – Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

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Looking for a full coverage foundation which makes your skin appear radiant?  Laura Geller’s Radiance Foundation is the answer.  Loose pigments are coated in Almond Oil, then baked in Italy on terracotta tiles to create perfect spheres of color which lay evenly on your skin.  Blended with skin-loving, moisturizing ingredients, this foundation delivers weightless, creamy color correction with a natural skin finish.  The long-wearing, streak-free formula leaves your skin glowing and gives a healthy looking-like radiance in a bottle.

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

The foundation comes in nine different colors. I wear the color medium.  I have extremely dry skin and despite my best efforts to prep my skin with primers and BB creams my previous foundation always left me looking dry. Then I tried this foundation, and it is amazing.  The foundation allows you to build to full coverage, and it’s dewy and glows.  I think it makes me look a tad bit younger.  A small amount goes a long way especially for medium everyday wear.  It leaves my skin looking radian so I wouldn’t recommend it to my combo/oily skin friends (sorry).

I really love this foundation.  I can put it on for light coverage or build it up to full coverage.  I find it to be creamy and easy to spread on my face and it has never streaked or run down my face in hot weather.  I would recommend this foundation to those with normal to dry skin.

You may purchase Laura Geller’s Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation at ULTA, www.qvc.com and www.laurageller.com.  It retails for $38.00.


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There are so many blushes out on the market, how does one choose?   There are three on the market right now that I just love.  So let’s get things started.

3 BLUSHES I'M LOVING NOW- Clinique, NYX, Urban Decay

3 BLUSHES I'M LOVING NOW- Clinique, NYX, Urban Decay Swatches

1) NYX BAKED BLUSH IN PINK FETISH – I am a big fan of these bakes blushes.  The powder is nice and smooth, and unlike some dome blushes it does not form a crust if not used for a few days.  The blush’s formula is filled with a load of pigments in order to provide a glow and highlight to the face.  What’s great about this blush is it can be used wet or dry, depending on what kind of mood you are in.  The baked blush retails for $6.99.  It may be purchased at ULTA and most drugstores.

2) CLINIQUE CHEEK POP IN ROSY POP – Normally I do not shop Clinique’s line of blushes when I am in the market for a blush.  Not that there is something wrong with the blush itself, I just tend to lean towards other lines of cosmetics.  But when I was browsing in Sephora, I came across this beautiful colored blush by Clinique.  The colors are not too strong and not too light.  It is easy to blend and lasts awhile.  And even though it is a powder, the consistency is creamy and silky.  The blush retails for $21.00, and may be purchased at Sephora, Macy’s and Nordtrom’s.

3) URBAN DECAY AFTERGLOW BLUSH IN FETISH – I am a big Urban Decay fan.  I have never been disappointed in the quality of their cosmetics, and this is no different.  The blush’s formula is fine, powdery and very blendable.  And as promised, it lasts for at least 8 hours.  The color Fetish is perfect for my medium toned skin.  It is easy to blend, adds a subtle flush to my skin and does not comes across as being ‘cakey’.  The Afterglow blush retails for $26.00 and may be purchased at Sephora, ULTA and www.urbandecay.com.

Those are the blushes I am wearing now and recommend all of them for summertime wear.  All of them are blendable, pigmented and easy to wear.  All of the blushes come in other colors in addition to the ones mentioned, which will compliment any skin tone.

BLACK IS ALWAYS IN – Givenchy Rouge Interdit Black Magic Lipstick #62

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Would you ever consider wearing a black colored lipstick?  No?  What if I were to tell you that this one changes to a pretty berry/mauve color.  This chic lipstick has a soft, satiny texture that provides personalized lip color to all who wear it.  Infused with camelina oil, senso oil complex, and rich in omegas 3 and 6, the formula helps to moisturize and soften lips.  I chose #62.

The best part about this magic lipstick, is that you choose the desired look.  Want a soft look?  Just apply a light layer of color.  Want more of an evening look? Apply a heavier layer of color.  This lipstick is definitely for any time of the year.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Black Magic Lipstick 62

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Black Magic Lipstick Swatch

I like this lipstick not only for the color it produces, but for the moisturizing feeling it leaves on my lips.  Now, because it has a satiny finish, you are going to need to reapply it throughout the day.  But, I do not mind doing this because of the way my lips feel after application.  It reminds me so much of Clinique’s Black Honey, which I own and love.

There is a con to this product, and this is its price.  It is steep and to some may be too much for a lipstick. But every once in awhile I treat myself to a pricey cosmetic item, so this will count as one of those days.

The Givenchy Rouge Interdit Black Magic Lipstick #62 retails for $32.00. It may be purchased at www.qvc.com, Barney’s and Sephora.


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Cover Girl is out with a new oil-free foundation and pressed powder foundation called Ready, Set Gorgeous, and boy does it do what it promises….it makes you gorgeous!  The foundation has a soft, matte look with sheer to medium coverage.  It provides a flawless, natural look that lasts hours in one simple step.  The oil-free formula is great for those with oily skin as it won’t clog your pores.  It is a perfect everyday foundation. It is weightless, stays matte and covers redness.  For my medium skin tone I wear #210 (medium beige).  Since I live in New Orleans, I deal with horrible humidity during the Summer.  When I tried this foundation, at the end of the day there was only a little bit of shine to deal with.

Cover Girl Be Gorgeous foundation Makeup

The pressed powder foundation is extra-fine and oil absorbing.  It helps even out your skin tone and covers like a liquid foundation.  The powder gives a natural, flawless look which also lasts for hours and helps with those oily t-zones.  I read somewhere that this pressed powder was not intended to set your foundation, but instead add coverage.  Personally, I disagree.  Yes, it does give coverage, but it does set your foundation when you use a powder brush.  I have used high end pressed powders in the past, but there are times when I cannot afford a high end powder.  I would definitely recommend this pressed powder foundation. The color pressed powder foundation I use is #205/#210 (light/medium).

Cover Girl Be Gorgeous Pressed Powder Foundation Makeup

These two are quite a combo and will definitely help you look gorgeous. The Be Gorgeous foundation retails for $7.99.  The Be Gorgeous pressed powder foundation retails for $7.99.  Both may be purchased at your local drugstore and ULTA.


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First, I apologize for taking so long to write a new post.  We were in the middle of a designing a new theme for the blog and uploading it to a new host.  I hope you like to the appearance of the blog as much as I do.  Now let’s talk about makeup!

We all want the best bang for our buck.  When it comes to mascara, it can go either way.  Sometimes the low priced mascara works better than the high end mascara and vice versa.  I am here to compare ELF Extending Mascara and Givenchy Noir Couture Volume, both in the color black.  I never go out without wearing mascara, so having some that I really like is important.

ELF Extending Mascara versus Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara--Who Wins?

I’ll begin with the ELF Extending Mascara. When I put on my first coat, I could barely tell there was anything on my lashes. I read the reviews on this product before application and my expectations were somewhat high. The product made my lashes look a little longer, but barely any product comes off the brush. I had to do multiple coats to make it noticeable which resulted in clumps. Like one reviewer stated, the mascara would probably work better if combined with another mascara.

ELF Extending Mascara Swatch

The next mascara is Givenchy Noir Couture Volume. I really liked this mascara.  When I put on my first coat, it completely covered my lashes.  I decided to try two coats, and I am glad that I did.  My lashes appeared long and thick.  This mascara features silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes, while nourishing rice peptides strengthen the lash fringe.  The unique two-toned brush’s black bristles create instant volume while the white bristles are specialized for high definition.

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara Swatch

There is obviously no competition here.  The Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara is the clear winner.  The Givenchy mascara retails for $33.00.  Yes, it is pricey.  But is definitely worth the price.  You may purchase the mascara at Sephora, Barney’s New York and Macy’s.


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Everyone wants their eyeshadow to last for hours, that is why we use our favorite eye primer.  But what if I were to tell you I discovered an eye primer which lasts hours upon hours?  NYC has developed CityProof 24hr Eye Primer.  It comes in the form of a fat pencil and flesh tone in color. Once you apply this pencil on, you do not have to wait before applying eyeshadow unlike some other primers on the market. You just go ahead and apply your eye makeup, and go on about your day.

NYC CityProof 24hr Eye Primer--Extend Eyeshadow

The NYC City Proof 24hr Eye Primer helps prepare for eyeshadow, which is creaseless and more vibrant.  And one good thing about this primer is that it does not need to be sharpened. I find that the primer feels soft, glides on, and dries fast as mentioned before.

I do want to say to those with darker colored skin, this primer may not appear it will work for you.  But if you blend it out after application, you should not have a problem.  Just put your eyeshadow on after applying the NYC primer and should be good to go.

Although the package says 24 hours of wear, I cannot attest to this since I have never worn makeup for 24 hours in my entire life.  I can state it lasts at least 10-12 hours without fading or creasing.

I would recommend this primer to someone who is on a budget and in need of a good primer.  It retails for $2.57, and ay be purchased at most drugstores and Wal-Mart.